About me

Hello everyone and very welcome to my blog!

My name is Daniel Benjumea and although I am from Spain, nowadays I am walking around the world!

I love practicing every kind of outdoor team sports, yoga, reading historic novels and about sociology. Moreover, I am developing my own project in order to bring IT in order to help the nature environment, thanks to this, I am learning a lot of new subjects about programming, designing and architecture.

I was for very long time thinking to start writing a blog oriented to those who look for the way to “leave the hole” due to they are stuck either personally or professionally, above all in IT environment.

Probably you think, how can I help you if I do not know you? You are right, each person is a different world, but often we have common experiences, and since I am living abroad and talking with people from other countries/cultures, I realized we are not as different as sometimes we think.

Please, feel free to connect to me if you could have any idea extra which could help, although I am writting this blog, I want to achieve a common space where to find answers.

Thank you very much and welcome again!